About Yapa Designs

Francisco Gadea, MBA, PMP – Owner and Principal Francisco

Francisco brings a wealth of experience to Yapa Designs, with over 20 years working in organizations that range from small startups to well-established Fortune 100 companies. By combining a deep knowledge of information technology, sales and marketing expertise, and solid project management skills, Francisco has the background to take web-based jobs from start to finish.

Francisco started his career as a programmer/analyst, progressing into application development consulting and software technical sales. He spent many years developing information systems using state-of-the-art languages, toolsets, relational database management technologies and object-oriented technology. Prior to starting Yapa Designs, Francisco spent 10 years as an Internet marketing manager at Intel Corporation where he planned, developed and executed strategies to reach tens of thousands of customers around the world.

With Yapa Designs, Francisco continues the approach to web development he has always taken—to maximize the end-user experience by delivering a user interface that is clear and intuitive. Francisco thrives on helping customers bridge the gap between business problems and technology, always going the extra mile to give the customer "Yapa" -- a little extra.

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